Year 7

Head of Year: Ms. J. Liasu

Deputy Head of Year: Ms C. Onanda

Head of Transition: Ms G Franklin

Tutor Groups and Tutors 2020/21

7LC- Ms L Cadman

7NV- Ms N Vasilieva

7AO- Ms A Oyebola

7LR- Ms L Rivers and Ms T Olufemi-Senbore &

7MO- Mr M Orsborne

7KO- Mr K Ojo

7WE- Mr W Evans

7AA- Ms A Acquah and Mr M Latif &


Key Information and Events

Y7 had their transition Summer School from Monday 20th to Friday 31st July.  The school were very fortunate to receive funding from The Mayor’s Office and designed a programme to help the students prepare for secondary school life from September.   We planned sessions aimed at raising their attainment in mathematics, science and English; as well general activities, for example- sports and cooking. All students were also given a Kindle, preloaded with reading materials to use for the remainder of the summer /into secondary school. Attendance and engagement from students and parents were excellent.

Year 7 then had their induction day on 9th September where they spent the day getting to know the school, each other and meeting their tutors. The day went very well indeed.                

The boys have chosen their form captains, form sport captains and year group monitors. The chosen boys have been presented in assembly with their badges.

The year 7 have had a great start of the year and are doing well. Their behaviour in the canteen and on the playground is exemplary. They have shown very good manners and are embracing the school rules.



The move from Primary to Secondary school for Year 7 students means that homework is being given more regularly. Tasks are given to support and develop the learning taking place in the classroom. Each week, students will receive one to two pieces of homework from each of their subjects. Students are expected to complete their homework by the due date given and should see teachers in advance of the lesson if any issues should arise.

Students will have access to Doddle and Teams for homework and are encouraged to email their teachers with any questions/ support they may require.

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