Year 7

Head of Year: Ms P McDonagh

Deputy Head of Year: Ms D Odusote

Head of Transition: Ms G Franklin

Tutor Groups and Tutors 2021/22

7LT         Ms L Tomkins
                Ms R Brunton

7BS        Mr B Smith
                Ms G Bulibasa

7FM       Mr F McCabe
                Ms G Tomlin

7SD        Ms S Dodhia
                Mr J Gbaloukouan

7DP        Mr D Patterson
                Ms S Griffin

7HJ         Ms H Johnson
                Mr S Adebiyi

7NG       Ms N Gayle
                R Adeyemo

7MC       Ms M Chambers
                Ms H Manley


Key Information and Events

Year 7 students spent 3 days in the first week of September settling in, they had a well-being day, induction day and spent a day in their forms getting to know their peers and tutors.  The week went very well. The boys were very prepared and excited for school to start.

The Year 7 motto is to “Be Kind” Throughout the year, each student will be striving their best to be kind to their peers and teachers. It has been great to see the amazing acts of kindness the boys have shown to each other so far. We are encouraging all students to remain positive and try their best in all they do.

We are excited to see and support our Year 7s through this new stage of their lives. 



The move from Primary to Secondary school for Year 7 students means that homework is being given more regularly. Tasks are given to support and develop the learning taking place in the classroom. Each week, students will receive one to two pieces of homework from each of their subjects. Students are expected to complete their homework by the due date given and should see teachers in advance of the lesson if any issues should arise.

Students are encouraged to email their teachers with any questions/ support they may require.

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