Year 8

Head of Year: Ms N Sherren

Deputy Head of Year: Miss R Tuckwell


Tutor Groups and Tutors 2019/20

8MS: Mr M Silver and Mr K Cooke
8TF: Mr T Freeman-Jones
8PC: Mr P Christmas and Ms S Rasul
8TA: Mr T Augustin
8NC: Mr N Chadwick and Mr L Cowan
8LC: Ms L Coombs-Roberts and Mr K Ojo
8CP: Mr C Perrins and Mrs J McGinn
8AH: Mr A Hall

Key Information and Events

Choosing their GCSE options in April is the focus for year 8 as they move into this crucial year. To support our young people in making the right choice for them, they will experience a range of workshops run by Universities across the country such as UCL and the University of Reading, in addition to challenging workshops delivered by Equilteach.

In addition to focusing upon career paths and qualifications, our students will focus upon self-improvement and self-reflection to ensure they achieve the highest success during their school careers. To support their self-improvement, students are encouraged to apply for Monitor and Ambassador roles to develop new and important skills and to raise the profile of the year group. Our Ambassadors will work with Heads of Department to create a live blog, which staff, students and parents can access on upcoming events, charity days, current affairs, and topics of study across all academic subjects studied by the year group. The Ambassadors will also work to produce a school newsletter and run topical events throughout the school year.

The ethos for the academic year is for our students to be ‘The Best Version of Themselves’. By taking part in self-reflection, self-improvement, university led career and GCSE option workshops, and taking responsibility through our Monitor and Ambassador roles, we feel that we are ensuring we support our students to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


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