Yr 7 Tump Trips

This week all of our Year 7s have participated in our Tump Transition days. These days have involved the boys alongside their tutor and Heads of Year in carrying out team building and problem solving actitvites both inside and outside of the classroom.

For many of the activities the boys worked in groups to solve a range of problems from physical ones to those requiring logical and creative thinking. They had the opportunity to enjoy the delights of the outdoors whilst learning how to collaborate, co-operate, lead, follow, engage, create and share ideas. It gave them the chance to identify thier own strengths and in some cases weaknesses.

The staff although exhausted by the end of each day commented that they enjoyed seeing their tutees in such a different environment free from phones and all other technology.

The boys said that they enjoyed building shelters in the outdoors ....alongside learning how to juggle in the classroom.

A special thank you to our 6th formers without whom we could not have engaged in such postive and enriching days.

An addtional thank you to Mr. Crowe who lead the classroom activities in his unique and positve way and Tump 53 for leading the outdorr activities.

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